What Are Soap Nuts?

All natural, zero waste, sustainable and budget friendly laundry hack that works… Yay for Soap Nuts!

I got mine at Bulk Barn. Cost: $7.00 that filled a 500mL mason jar (enough for about 100 loads) Bag is sold separately!

– Make sure you get one that has looser weaved fabric so the suds can escape, avoid the cheapie dollar store kind – they tend to rip easily.

Hot water is 100% NOT required. I’ve used the cold cycle just fine with my laundry.

If you have hard water, add 1/4 cup salt or washing soda.

For brighter whites add 1/4 cup of hydrogen peroxide OR vinegar… NOT both! (danger danger danger)

If you want that fresh laundry smell and don’t want to add chemicals, get your mitts on a dryer ball and some essential oils!

My favourite essential oils can be purchased here: https://www.holisticyyc.com/shop

The dryer balls I use were one of the best gifts I’ve ever gotten! Unfortunately I don’t know where mine were purchased, but you can purchase your own from my fav local zero-waste living company, Unwrapped Life (promo code below). Dryer Balls promo code for 15% off: http://rwrd.io/v9ayaiq

My favourite laundry essential oils: “Balance” – for everyday clothes “Lavender” or “Holiday Blend” – for sheets Roman Chamomile” or “Lavender” – for baby “Wild Orange” – for towels.

What are your favourite scents and blends? So… would you try soap nuts?!

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