Structuring Your Environment for Success

Consider the environment through which you move. Often you will interact with the environment as it presents itself. You’ll have no choice as to how most environments are organized.

But when it comes to your structures, your environment, you do have a choice. You can set up your environment to better align with the life you want to live. This gives you an external means to make better choices. -Guest Blog-

By changing your environment, you alter the choices available to you

Your choices will be limited to the parameters you set for yourself. For example, by removing junk food (e.g., chips, pop, ice cream) from your home, you make it easier to choose healthier food when you’re hungry.

Other examples of structures:

  • an alarm clock set to your morning wake up
  • a shopping list with all the healthy food you want to eat regularly
  • a training partner or fitness trainer scheduled to meet you at the gym three times a week
  • a calendar with scheduled tasks to be productive
  • a workout journal to show progress and give feedback
  • a specific goal/outcome with a definite target achievement date
Structure in Life

When it’s set up properly, triggers self-control and discipline. It creates a scenario in which you make a choice, once, and free yourself from having to go through the machinations of making that choice again.

Another benefit of structure is that it enables you to face your relevant current reality. With appropriate structures in place, you become aware very quickly whether you are making progress or losing ground.

You are either making progress or losing ground. There is no maintaining the status quo because time is always in play and nothing stays the same. A good structure makes these factors clear.

Structure enables you to answer the question, “Am I making progress toward my goal?”

When the alarm sounds in the morning, you either get up as you planned or you don’t. You immediately get feedback as to your integrity and whether the first step in your day is the one you wanted.

Look at the structures you have created for yourself. Do they support your preferred life?

How can you change your environment to better achieve your goals?

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