Self-Responsibility and Experience

You must acknowledge and accept the responsibility you have for your experience. You choose how you experience reality. It may feel as if your experience is happening to you but it is your creation.

I’m not saying you create your circumstances, necessarily. There is a myriad of contributing factors that yield the circumstances in which you find yourself. You are a factor in creating the circumstances of your life but far, far from the only factor. -Guest Blog-

When it comes to your experience of the circumstances in your life, you are the deciding factor

Your circumstances are the raw material you use to create your experience. Is the traffic you are caught in making you miserable? No, it doesn’t have the power to do that. Traffic happens, but it doesn’t dictate your experience. What you have chosen to do with the traffic circumstance has created your miserable state.

Traffic makes you miserable? No. You make yourself miserable. You choose to be miserable when you are in traffic.

There is nothing in the external world that can choose your experience for you. That’s up to you. There is no authority higher than your own choice when it comes to creating your experience.

How consistent are you with the person you aspire to be regardless of the circumstances? It doesn’t matter what the traffic situation, do you choose to feel calm, happy, focused, or whatever? You are responsible for your experience regardless of the externals. This is your ultimate power.

In any circumstance, regardless of what’s happening, you have a choice

Ask yourself these questions any time you want to exercise your choice:

  • What am I experiencing at this moment?
    • This clarifies your current reality and the choices you are making to create your experience.
  • What would I prefer to experience?
    • This directs your awareness of the options you have. There are always options.
  • What is my choice?
    • This focuses on the new choice you are making to change your experience.
  • Why am I choosing this?
    • This gets to the reasoning behind your choice. You accept and acknowledge the choice is yours and you know why you are making it. The most useful choices are consistent with the person you want to be and the goals you are striving toward.
Know your current experience, know your preferred experience, and take responsibility for making different choices to align them

“For you yourself are neither flesh nor hair, but choice, and if you render that beautiful, then you yourself will be beautiful.”

— Epictetus, Discourses, 3.1.40; trans. Robin Hard

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