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Review – Routine Natural Cream Deodorant

I may be a modern hippie, but that doesn’t mean that I have to smell like a dirty one!  Oh, how real the struggle is finding a natural deodorant that works… but the search is finally over.

Through many trials and a lot of errors, I was reluctant in trying Routine Natural Cream Deodorant due to its pricier cost. But, let me tell you – I am SO glad I did. Not only does this product come in a wonderful variety of scents and sensitivity levels it leaves your skin feeling softer and I’ve even found that waxing has become easier and there is less hair growth. Talking to clients, friends and family members that have also tried Routine Natural Cream Deodorant; they agree.

A Girl Named Sue
Blackberry Betty
Bonita Applebom
Jar Full of Goodness

I’ve been using Routine Natural Cream Deodorant for over a year now, and it was one of the main products that inspired me to follow through with this website. It deserves a great big haaallelujah for innovation in the natural deodorant realm!

I’ve tried so many natural pit sticks, creams, sprays, bars, crystals… you name it. I have not come across anything even close that compares to the Routine Natural Cream Deodorants.

You can be sure to find something for all skin types and odor levels with their wide range of scents and strengths. They use all natural essential oils for their concoctions ranging from the undetectable ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ to the sweet fragrant ‘Whoa Blackberry Betty’ all the way to the stoic and brawny ‘Like a Boss’.

For sensitive skin, Routine carries baking soda-free options in many of their scents as well as magnesium-based products to help calm the stress sweats, and their newest product ‘Superstar’ contains pre-biotics to double up on combating the pit stink.

It even made a believer out of my husband Samer (who really had no choice but to try it after I threw his anti-antiperspirant out…) but besides the fact, he didn’t go running to the store, in fact, he’s raved about the switch to his friends ever since!

Johnny’s Cash
Bonnie ‘n Clyde
Johnny’s Cash (Sensitive)
The Real Reason Why I Switched to Natural Deodorant

The last thing I wanted to give up was my Dove antiperspirant. Yes, I said it… antiperspirant. I heard about all the stories linking it to health issues, but I just did not want to run the risk of wafting people 5 ft. away from me. All the natural ones I had tried in the past were complete letdowns. I mean, I haven’t used the microwave in seven years, I don’t eat pork and I make sure that all my other personal care items are high quality, natural and environmentally friendly so I could get away with using antiperspirant…

Well, no. In 2017, I noticed a lump under my armpit, and it was extremely tender, and needless to say, it was a shock to me. Where on earth did that come from?!

Realizing I my time had finally run its course with Dove, I half-heartedly gave Routine a try. Within three days the lump was gone and there was no more pain or tenderness in the area. I couldn’t believe it. To boot, it actually did the job! I don’t sweat all that much, but I am overly paranoid about smelling.

The more I used it, I started to notice that the hairs were becoming finer and it was much easier to wax.

If you haven’t tried Routine, you should. It made a believer out of me, who was incredibly reluctant, but I am so glad that I finally listened to my body and dipped into a new Routine.

Like a Boss
Maggie’s Citrus Farm
Napoleon’s Dynamite
  • It freakin’ works!
  • Your skin can breathe – which means less irritation and clogged pores
  • The jar lasts a long time, you only need about a pea-jelly bean size amount
  • Natural essential oils can help calm inflammation
  • Cream based product moisturizes and hydrates your skin
  • Variety of scents and strengths
  • Newer ones have pre-biotics that help to further reduce odor and balance your skin’s pH
  • It is pricier – but well worth it in the long run
  • may yellow white shirts** (varies from person to person)
  • If traveling to warmer climates, you may have to reapply later in the afternoon (varies from person to person)
Sweet Jane
The Curator (Sensitive)

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