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Review – Nelson Naturals Toothpaste

There’s nothing more inviting than a friendly, natural and genuine smile. But, when you’ve got bad breath, visible plaque, and a gummed-up sink, your choice of toothpaste should be blacklisted. Natural hygiene is a sensitive topic and an area where only the brave has since traveled.

Fear not, for your oral health has found protection and strength and your sink can breathe easier knowing there’s Nelson Naturals Toothpaste.  Here’s the low-down on why I like Nelson Naturals Toothpastes – The ingredients are clean and straightforward, 8 in total and you can pronounce all of them. Calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, colloidal silver, sea salt, xylitol, castile soap, essential oils, and trace minerals.

So, what do these ingredients do and how do they help improve your oral health while strengthening your teeth? Let’s look:

Calcium Carbonate

Naturally occurring fine-grain chalk that is used as a mild abrasive that whitens and polishes teeth.

Sodium Bicarbonate,

Better known as baking soda is well known for cleaning and whitening teeth because it acts as a mild abrasive. It has no known toxicity or carcinogenicity.

Colloidal Silver

Long been considered by many experts to be the best natural antibiotic ever discovered, Nelson Naturals uses colloidal silver which they produce to enhance the benefits of their toothpaste further. Not only does colloidal silver combat against harmful bacteria and pathogens in the mouth, but it also aids in healing which lowers the risk of these bacteria and pathogens entering the bloodstream orally.

Sea Salt

Is used in the field of oral hygiene for thousands of years, and modern science reaffirms its role as an anti-bacterial agent which helps prevent gingivitis, bad breath, and even eases pain and aids healing.


Is used in their toothpaste because of its dental benefits and natural sweetness. Though xylitol can be derived from corn, Nelson Naturals only uses xylitol that has been derived from North American-grown birch trees. Xylitol helps to restore a proper pH balance to the mouth creating an environment inhospitable to harmful bacteria which are behind many dental problems, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Consistent use of small amounts of xylitol has also been shown to enhance the protective factors of saliva by keeping the salivary minerals in a useful form, which can strengthen the remineralization of the enamel.

Castile Soap

Helps create that familiar foaming action that enhances the overall cleaning properties of the toothpaste. They use the organic and fair-trade soaps.

Essential Oil(s)

All their toothpaste is flavored with 100% pure, natural extracts. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years for cellular health and medicinal purposes.

Trace Minerals

Enhance the re-mineralizing effect of their toothpaste. Adding trace minerals to the toothpaste provides building blocks for healthy teeth and gums. All the ingredients in the toothpaste work synergistically to create a healthy environment for your teeth and enhance remineralization.

Why Add in Trace Minerals?

Depending on the pH of your mouth, you will go through de- and re-mineralizing periods throughout the day. Consuming more acidic foods and beverages will cause more demineralization and lead to increased sensitivity, cavities, and unwanted bacteria making you more prone to periodontal diseases and gingivitis.

What Else Can I Do to Improve My Oral Health?

Eating a diet rich in fresh produce, vitamins, mineral, and enzymes will also help to improve the health and environment of your teeth.

Guaranteed Satisfaction (a.k.a. sweet music to my ears)

Last, but certainly not least – Nelson Naturals guarantees their toothpaste is the best you’ll ever use and offers a full refund if for any reason you’re unsatisfied.


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