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Review – Kalaya Naturals Omega 3 Lotion

I love Calgary, as one born and bred here, I could talk about its beauty from the crisp mountain landscapes, open prairie skies, and December chinooks, but there’s something lurking beneath all that allure. The uncomfortable, irritating, unsightly and unpleasant… dry skin!!

The Struggle is Real

I remember as a child being slathered with George’s Special Dry Skin Cream, then being told by my mother to stay put until I was dry and not touch anything because of grease stains it would leave. Well, there I would be, stark naked standing like a scarecrow, wafting my limbs to try and get the cream to soak in faster. The result was me ruining some clothes or furniture and having to repeat the process day after day. Needless to say, that George’s didn’t last long in my household, sorry George!

Skincare Graveyard

Years and hundreds of dollars wasted on creams, lotions, butters, balms, and whips that promised smooth, silky and hydrated skin just left me with drawers and cupboards resembling a skincare graveyard. Either they were so greasy I couldn’t touch anything for an hour (at least), or I had to reapply them throughout the day continuously – SO ANNOYING.

Another Try

It wasn’t until I worked as a Wellbeing Counsellor for one of the top grocery stores in Canada that I stumbled across the Kalaya Naturals Omega 3 Lotion.
Skeptical of course at first, as my many experiences with ‘the one,’ left me disappointed, but I was willing to try again. Low and behold, I must have saved the best for last!!
I can’t believe the transformation in my skin within no time at all.

The label reads:

An invigorating infusion of Omega 3, 6 & 9 essential fatty acids, oleic acids, and antioxidants to naturally hydrate, restore and nourish skin for that healthy glow. Ideal for frequent application, especially for dry or eczema skin conditions. ‘Safe for Baby, Safe for You’

Friggen Finally!

It truly did hydrate, restore and nourish my skin. I found my skin become less itchy and red, and even softened within days of consistent use. The back of my arms was by far the worst and yet showed the most noticeable improvements. I can’t tell you enough how much softer and smoother my skin has been since discovering Kalaya Omega 3 Lotion.

Among the best qualities of this lotion include the neutral scent, thick consistency, yet incredibly fast absorption and non-greasy application. And for those sensitive types, it even affirms the ‘Safe for Baby, Safe for You’ on the front label.

What’s the Magic Ingredient?

The main ingredient is Emu Oil; which is one of the closest things to our body’s natural oils, so it’s able to penetrate our top layer of skin very easily instead of a lot of plant-based oils that tend to sit on top of the skin and take longer to soak in. It’s unscented, and it soaks so nicely into the skin with literally no greasy film.
No more time wasted waiting for your lotion to absorb, you can get dressed immediately after applying even if your skin routine follows a shower. Hallelujah!!

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