Just Do It

Start and Improve as You Move

What are you thinking of doing? What has been on your mind day after day? That dream you have, that project that’s been teasing you with its magnificent possibilities. Whatever it is, get moving.

Thinking about it more won’t get you there. Thinking has given you a direction in which to move. Thinking has done its function. Now is the time for action.

Start simple, obvious, and direct, then improve as you move. Start with some action, anything, then adapt. The thing is you must begin. Preparing to begin won’t cut it. Start, then learn what’s necessary as you do things. Act, then you’ll know.

You don’t need a perfect start. Start messy. Start while feeling unprepared. Start with all the fear of failure, any expectations of pain and hardship, any voices in your head saying, “You’re not ready yet. You’ve got to have all your ducks in a row. Just think about it one more day, then you’ll succeed for sure.”

Just start and it will change. It will all change. Your well-laid plans? You’ll need to alter them. Your grandiose visions of the straight-line path to achievement? Shattered by the first engagement with reality.

You don’t need to know what you can’t know; you’ll discover as you move. You don’t need to have all the answers; you’ll learn as you act. You don’t need to have all the resources; you’ll gather them as you journey.

The issues that you must address will reveal themselves as you confront reality. The hurdles will crop up, the unhelpful beliefs will become known, the necessary steps and knowledge you can only guess at will become plain. Conversely, obstacles, challenges, and problems you had anticipated may not manifest. But you’ll never know if you continue trying to think yourself to achievement.

Begin moving and learn as you go. This is the fastest way to learn anything.

You are enough now. Start.

Train your mind; condition your body; master your life.


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