Imagined vs. Real Experience

Do you have a good imagination? Allow me to answer that for you: Yes, you do. You have a fantastic imagination.

Don’t believe me?  The nervous system, which includes the brain, cannot differentiate between a real experience or an imagined experience. Whether it happens in fact or is simply imagined the nervous system responds the same. -Guest Blog-

The Imaginative Brain

Here’s the interesting thing: the brain and nervous system that respond to the experiences are the same brain and nervous system that interpret what those experiences are and what they mean to us. We always act as if what we imagine is the truth. We are, therefore, responding to what we imagine to be true, not necessarily to what is true.

Even as an event is happening, in reality, the mind is imagining the event, creating an experience of it. The brain must interpret the event, understand it, using the input provided by the senses, and that re-creation is the same as if it is being imagined. The process is the same.

This why the research suggests that the nervous system cannot differentiate the two. The two ARE the same. The same structures in our nervous system create the same results, whether real or imagined. Imagination is how we think. Imagination is thinking!

Thoughts Become Things

This means we can create our own experience regardless of circumstances. It doesn’t mean we can ignore reality to the point of defying the laws of nature (i.e., gravity, physics, matter, etc.). What it does mean is that we can change our experience. We can change ourselves. We can change how we interact with, and influence, reality.
We do not need to wait for reality to present the ideal circumstances for change. We can imagine the ideal circumstances and use that as our starting point. By imagining the person we prefer to be and the life, we want to live we begin a powerful process of change. Our experience changes as a result of a change in our thinking. And when our experience changes, our behavior changes, and then our results change.

Can you imagine such a thing? Yes, you can.

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