Hypnosis and the Power to Create Your Experience

You create your experience.

You are a creator, a generator, of experience. Every experience you have is created by you (i.e. your thinking). No matter the events you encounter you are re-creating those events within your own brain via the input provided by your physical senses.

Binge eating behavior.

Here’s an example of how this plays out. Let’s pretend that you have a challenge when it comes to choosing adequate portion sizes to the point at which it takes on the characteristics of binge eating. Perhaps you find yourself in your cupboards with very little conscious thought, grabbing whatever food strikes your fancy, and eating with abandon. All thought of sticking to your eating plan is ignored or completely forgotten. The focus in that moment is the food, the sensations, and the act of eating.

Here’s the interesting thing. There are vast parts of your life in which you are not a binge eater. But when you, as the creator of your experience, access your binge eating identity/trance you are a binge eater. In that instance you experience the world as a binge eater. Your choices are limited to that identity/trance. All other aspects of yourself are inhibited and unavailable to you.

Tunnel vision.

Einstein is attributed to have said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” When you are within the tunnel vision of a specific trance/identity it becomes who you are. You see from that perspective. You make choices from that identity.

However, a binge eater is not all that you are (in this fictional example). You can choose to create any number of different experiences which will yield any number of different behaviors and results.

The value of looking to your actions.

I have an aphorism: “You identify yourself by your actions. You are what y

ou do consistently.” Now, are you LITERALLY what you do consistently? No, absolutely not. In any moment you are expressing and experiencing yourself as a particular aspect of any number of possible choices of behavior. However, as a means of understanding yourself and others the aphorism holds value.

If you consistently access a particular aspect of yourself (e.g. binge eater) you can be sure you have created that experience or expression as a part of your Self-Identity. You identify yourself with that behavior. You think to yourself, you accept, “That’s like me to do that.” But is that all you are? No! YOU are the creator of that experience. Therefore, you can create something else.

The trance of possibility.

And that’s where hypnosis can really make a difference. Hypnosis is a direct path to you as the creator/generator of experience. Using hypnosis you gain access to the trance that creates trances. With hypnosis you can create, generate, alter, or delete any and all experiences much easier than through an act of will.

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