Welcome to Holistic YYC


The belief that the parts of oneself are not separate, but intimately interconnected and understood only by reference to the whole.


Okay, that sounds so airy-fairy – what does that mean for you?

You are not just a piece of meat.  You are a living, breathing, creative, stunning, kick-ass, intelligent and powerful being – inside and out. You are a lover, a fighter, a caregiver, a parent, child, partner, friend and hey, maybe even frienemy?  In essence, you are more than just the sum of your parts!


I’m Janna the owner/founder of Holistic YYC. My mission is to provide you with a no bullshit, informative atmosphere on natural living and healthcare. Holistic YYC is meant for real people like you, eating real food and prioritizing what matters most – living a kick-ass healthy life, naturally.