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Confessions of a Beauty Consultant

It all started when I was asked to work in cosmetics at one of the department stores in Red Deer, Alberta.  Accepting the position, I began a 10-year journey that took me through a series of events to lead me to where I am now.

Not knowing a thing about skincare or makeup at the time, I felt like I was going in blind. The training and mentorship I received heavily influenced my appreciation for the industry and the enthusiasm to gain as much knowledge and expertise as possible.  It quickly grew into an unprecedented passion that would teach me more about myself than I ever would have thought. -Guest Blog-

A Passion for Beauty

As years passed, I worked my way up to a management position and soon enough I landed a dream position managing one of the biggest departments in Calgary and area.

I had the privilege of trying an extensive variety of skincare and cosmetics, learning about star ingredients and how they benefited certain types of skin, according to the information the industry was giving me.  I was given priority at testing all the most popular make up lines, sometimes before they hit the shelves, to advise and promote to customers.  This fueled my evolving creativity in finding different looks and styles that clients could achieve themselves. As a few years passed, my passion was still there but the retail portion of things was really starting to make me re-evaluate what I wanted, and what I wanted my life to look like.

The Ah-ha

I’d always known that I wanted to own my own business; build something I was passionate about from the ground up and help people live better quality of lives. Working in cosmetics showed me that one of the most fulfilling things I can offer, is to help people feel better about themselves. But how and where do I begin to make this dream a reality?  During the summer of 2012, I was researching post-secondary institutions trying to find a career path that was aligned with what I wanted to achieve.   I stumbled across The Canadian School for Natural Nutrition.  Health and nutrition always fascinated me, as I born with the heart condition, Aortic Stenosis, I had grown up having to watch my diet and lifestyle. While reading though the course outline, something sparked inside of me, I was hooked.  Trusting my gut, I quit my job and enrolled in the Natural Nutrition Program that fall.

My world was rocked.  Life changed dramatically for my husband and I as we were finally given the information we needed. We were living, eating and breathing the healthiest we’d ever have.  It couldn’t have happened at a better time because February 2014 the time came for me to undergo open heart surgery to fix my faulty valve.

Life Changes

I was out of the hospital in five days, up walking and talking and functioning extremely well for someone that just had major surgery! I strongly believe our lifestyle before and after lead to my speedy recovery. Once I was given the clear to go back to work, it was brought to my attention that my old managing position had opened back up and I was offered the position once again, and I obviously said yes!  Still recovering from surgery, I had to ease back into the workforce, but I was so excited to start working in cosmetics again.  Starting up my own business took a lot more energy than I was equipped for at the time, but I was so happy to be back working in cosmetics.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t two weeks into being back and I started to itch. Bad. Itchy, everywhere! I would come home and my husband would start to cough from how much perfume was on me, his nose would burn and he immediately started getting congested.

What on earth was happening here? My immediate thought was my body was just not used to this type of chemical exposure anymore. It had been a year and a half since my transition into holistic living had started and I had slowly, but efficiently detoxed my system and by default, my husband too.  I used to always wear perfume, I loved wearing it, but it was apparent that it is absolute no go now. Not only that, I could no longer use the skincare lines available at my store because my skin would burn every time I tried something. Even the “natural” lines available were just not effective and my skin was just not happy. So, I started looking at other options outside of the store.

Natural Beauty Search

I started researching and educating myself on chemicals in the beauty industry and found that a lot of them contained ingredients that can act as hormone disruptors in the body contributing to infertility, cancer, and toxicity.  The last thing I need is more toxic/harmful ingredients in my personal care products when I’d worked so hard to get them out of my system.  I changed my entire diet and lifestyle because I cared about what I was putting in my body, but during that time, I didn’t think about what I was putting on my body.

With a heavy heart, I left my position as cosmetics manager.  It was too much; too soon and my passion was dwindling because I could no longer recommend the products that were burning my own skin!

It was through trial and error and a lot of investigation that I finally found product lines that were in line with my holistic lifestyle and made my skin look and feel the best it’s ever been, without harmful ingredients, GMO’s or animal testing.  The European Union has worked hard to ban over 1400 chemicals for use in their beauty industry, while Canada lags with about 600 and a dismal effort by the U.S. at about 30.  While the personal care industry is not regulated, there are companies that work towards increasing awareness and transparency with their product lines and are paving the way for others to follow suit.  How amazing is that!

I will always love wearing make up, but having healthy, smooth, bright and hydrated skin makes those lazy days a little more beautiful.  I’ve found that when I do put on make up, the coverage is so much more even and my skin can still breathe.  Breakouts are few and far between and I finally get to have that natural dewy glow without the highlighter.

What’s Hiding in Your Line-up?

Want to know how your skin care and cosmetic line stands up? Visit www.ewg.org to see how toxic your personal care products might be.

So, how’d they do?  Not so well?  Now what?  If you’re not sure where to begin, start with skincare! As your Holistic Beauty Consultant, I’m here to help you switch out your personal care products and ditch the chemicals that could be (and probably are) adding toxic stress to your body.  Personalized consultations achieve results by selecting the right products for your skin, your budget and your health.

You’re one step closer to safer beauty.

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